Graeme Hill's Weekend Line Up

WEEKEND VARIETY WIRELESS - February 17 and 18, 2018

SATURDAY February 17

8:15 Science Report with Craig Stevens, NIWA. Craig describes sampling the sea under 300m of Antarctic ice-shelf larger than Spain. It has only been sampled once before 40 years ago.

8:40 Astronomy with Grant Christie. Where is that Tesla really going? Conspiracy theories about who might be in that space-suit and some real science CAN be done with Mr Musk’s vehicle. NASA to build a small ocean of liquid methane to test a Titan submarine and our Sun may be cooling, a bit, for a while.

9:15 Cinema with James Croot. The life and charm of Bill Murray on the big screen ahead of his visit to NZ.

9:30 Words with Max Cryer. Why don’t we say the “C” in Indict? How did the cocktail get its name? Feeling “seedy” and what is an ostler?Ask Max a question here.

10:15 Pondering People with Jonathan Dodd of Ipsos. The peculiar notions and attitudes of the human race here and overseas. Stats trends and perceptions that may matter, a lot.

10:45 Environews. Mercury Island Tusked Weta from the brink of exctinction. It’s close to a conservation miracle. Very much like the Black Robin project that saw the tiny bird saved from extinction from a SINGLE female, the story of the Mercury Island Tusked Weta is nearly identical but far far less famous. Corrinne Watts of Landcare Research explains this remarkable victory for our biodiversity.

Photo: Danny Thornburrow, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research.

11:10 Albums From The Class of 1978. This week Graeme and music critic Grant Smithies re-spin Prince’s debut effort, For You.

SUNDAY February 18

8:15 Media Stick with Tamar Munch. A stick poked at all things weird and wonderful from the week’s media.

9:10 Skeptical Thoughts with Siouxsie Wiles. Woo woo, preposterous notions and flat out fraudsters exposed.

9:30 Serbia and War in the 20th Century. Are you sitting down? In WW1 alone they lost 30% of their entire population and 60% of their men. WOW. No other nation comes even close to that level of devastation. James Headley, historian at Otago University describes their horrors, how they happened and how they shape the Serbian outlook right through to today.

10:15 Crystal Reign is a book about the scourge of crystal meth written from personal experience. Graeme speaks with author Kelly Lyndon.

10:30 Letter From America with John Dybvig

11:00 Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. This week “The Perishable Rescue”. The Perishable was the name 1930s locals gave the train from Christchurch to Greymouth. Designed to carry only “perishable” goods, in reality it transported many stowaways, two of whom in bizarre circumstances played a role in a 1932 search and rescue expedition. Go here for the Outsiders archive.