New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom on Taranaki's State of Emergency

Taranaki has become the seventh region in New Zealand to declare a State of Emergency, and the first in the North Island, following Cyclone Gita.

4 minutes ago

'Wolves fascinate me - are they the ultimate predator?' - Mitch Harris

Night talk - opening comments for Tuesday 20th February 2018. Tonight: Apart from man, what would you say is the 'ultimate predator' on Earth?

21 minutes ago

Sitting is the new smoking, says doctor

The problem of workplace stress is not new, awareness of how to manage it and the responsibilities of an employer are only recently gaining traction.

1 hour ago

Green Goddess: Hot itchy dog remedies

Wendyl Nissen has some Green Goddess chemical free tips to help out your pooch in the heat.

6 hours ago

We are going to live a lot longer than we thought we would – says futurist

Futurist Graeme Codrington argues that governments need to plan and embrace the digital future.

8 hours ago

Classic album review - Eric Clapton's 1974 album '461 Ocean Boulevard'

Every Monday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Marty Duda from music website The 13th Floor to look back at a classic album!


'Can we trust our politicians to do the right thing?' - Mitch Harris

Night talk - opening comments for Monday 19th February 2018. Tonight: Is politics a stepping stone for MP's to get a top job in the future?