New Zealand could easily become a republic - expert

It would only take simple majority in Parliament to make New Zealand a republic, says a constitutional expert.

59 minutes ago

Mother describes symbolic moment in Pike River drift

A mother has described the emotional moment she stood with her hands on the concrete wall inside the Pike River drift.

3 hours ago

Mines expert from America calls Mitch Harris to talk Pike River

A fascinating call to Mitch Harris from Jim, an American who has been around the world working in mines. He shares his thoughts on Pike River.


'Did National do the best for the Pike River families?' - Mitch Harris

Night Talk - opening comments, Thursday 19th April. Tonight: Andrew Little takes the lead and shows John Key how to respect the Pike River families.


'Range of emotions' for families re-entering Pike River mine

A significant step has been taken for Pike River re-entry as families got as close to their loved ones as they have been since the 2010 disaster.


NZ Falcons take Israel Folau scandal in stride

The New Zealand Falcons, the country’s national gay and inclusive rugby team, have received a wave of support following Folau's anti-gay comments.


Diplomatic immunity goes back thousands of years - expert

An EU diplomat has skipped the country after owing a landlord thousands of dollars. An international relations expert weighs in.