Auckland Council’s business class spending called ‘a terrible look’

Two councillors - one from Auckland's poorest ward, the other from one of the wealthiest - want the council to stop spending so much on travel.

19 minutes ago

Lyttelton port workers to drop leaflets in board of director neighbourhoods

The Lyttelton Port strike, consisting of some 200 workers, will continue through Sunday.

2 hours ago

'Steve Bannon was paid by Cambridge Analytica' - Paul Buchanan

Night Talk host Mitch Harris has been inundated recently with emails and texts to get Paul Buchanan back on the night show - Paul has returned!


Will tougher sentences for dealers help win the war on drugs?

National MP Simeon Brown's bill for tougher sentences for drug dealers has passed its first reading in parliament.


College of Midwives says Aussie midwives are not the answer to shortage

The Ministry of Health has approved funding to bring new graduate midwives across the ditch to help with NZ''s midwife shortage.


Why the Misuse of Drugs Act has been called ‘out of date’

KnowYourStuffNZ, a harm reduction drug-checking service, isn't always invited at festivals because of what some have called a legal grey area.


Stop beating up dairy owners, physically and metaphorically

OPINION: Nearly 500 robberies or burglaries in the last 13 months have targeted cigarettes and it’s mind blowing nothing has been done.