Your best French recipes


By Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson

Helen says:

A little bit left of field but Isaac Sinclair is the only professional New Zealand nose and is now a perfumer with Symrise, a leading producer of flavours and fragrances. This morning he joins us to talk about his work and life.

Last week it was Irish and Guinness and today it is French fare. We are talking about this cassoulet recipe this week.

French onion soup, even French bread... Let’s hear your favourites.

Here is one for French onion soup.

Trees are dripping with lemons and I have had lots of recipe requests so today we will be talking about your best citrus recipes.

Tony says:

Image what might be involved when building gardens representing different aspects and elements of New Zealand in a relatively confined space?

Hugo Baynes from Auckland Zoo recently embarked on such a task.

Jo McCarrol continues to fill the shoes of her predecessor and, might I say, is doing a very fine job. What is she up to and where is Jo this weekend?

We've goth mail and it's all from you! Jen's Giant tomato seeds will be flying out the door!

In Tui time this week Katie Karrot prepares to "Superstrike" our lawns back from the Moss!

Oh, and of course taking your calls all the way through the show and have we got some treats for you!

Looking forward to hearing the click on your wireless as you turn to Radio Live from 6am tomorrow morning.

source: data archive