07:29 A 16-year-old has been arrested after allegedly breaching his bail conditions and assaulting a Hamilton police officer.

07:12 Chaos at a railway station in Budapest - it's congested with angry migrants desperate to start a new life in Europe

07:03 WEATHER: AKL: Showers, PM thunder, 17 - WGTN: Occ. showers, Strong Nly, 14 - CHCH: Mainly fine, late showers, 17 - DUN: Periods of rain, 12

07:02 Police hunting a man involved in assault on an officer in Hamilton. Another person has been charged in relation to the incident in Dinsdale

07:00 Dairy prices are clawing their way back, jumping by 10.9% in the latest Global Dairy Trade auction. Whole-milk powder rose more than 12%

Tue, 01 May 2012

VIDEO: "He's a married man!" - John Banks

it's Friday 27th April and Campbell Live have just broken the news of Kim Dotcom's donations to John Banks. Our reporter Frances Cook contacts Mr. Banks to get his side of the story and find out if Dotcom truly did contribute to his 2010 mayoral campaign. When she asks Mr. Banks if he "had a relationship with Kim Dotcom", his reply is astonishing. ACT's only elected MP then hangs up his phone, so our reporter calls him back to clarify. See what happened next here.

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