09:47 A police dog handler's been knocked unconsious during a violent assault in south Auckland. The officer was attacked just before 4am Bairds Rd, Otahuhu

09:47 Heavy rain in Northland has flooded two homes at Coopers Beach - with fire crews watching other at-risk properties.

09:46 Stormy weather is starting to cause chaos. Big winds have brought down powerlines north of Auckland, sparking a house fire.

21:35 South Island alpine roads could see up to 50cms of snow accumulate overnight.

21:27 Bad weather prevented rescue helicopter flying to scene of crash on SH1 north of Taupo that's left one man critically injured. The highway's closed fr

Mon, 28 May 2012

"The health budget is about priorities" - HealthCare Providers NZ executive

Michael Laws speaks to Martin Taylor, chief executive of HealthCare Providers NZ, about the aged care industry of New Zealand. Martin points out how much a rest home receives per day and says it's far more economical for the private sector to handle the industry. He responds to allegations that the industry conditions plus low wages amount to modern-day slave labour. Taylor says he was calling for improved pay clarity as far back as 2005. Taylor says the country's asset testing should be put to good use when setting the level of subsidies available for those needing aged care. 28th May 2012.

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