16:45 8 men will face over 500 child sex charges in Western Australia, all for the alleged abuse of a 13-year-old girl, whose father is among the charged.

16:18 High rates of family violence have prompted the government to launch a new programme aimed at getting agencies to respond better to cases.

16:11 Jeremy McLaughlin, who murdered Christchurch schoolgirl Jade Bayliss and was jailed for 23 years, has lost a bid to have his conviction overturned.

16:09 Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, who is being sued by Colin Craig, has come out swinging, writing on his blog that Mr Craig is in for a rough ride.

16:05 Colin Craig and his wife Helen have denied claims he sexually harrassed women - Helen Craig saying a good woman stands by her man.

Sun, 07 Oct 2012

Tame Impala "Lonerism" New Music Reviewer Grant Smithies

Second Album from the 5 piece Psychedelic Rock Band from Perth Western Australia.

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