19:39 A one-year-old has been taken to Starship Hospital in Auckland with critical injuries.

17:22 Five NZ Army soldiers have been charged with using drugs while helping in the aftermath of Cyclone Winston in Fiji.

17:20 A body has been discovered in a bale of cardboard by an OJI Fibre Solutions worker in Waikato. More details as soon as police provide an update.

17:09 BREAKING: A body has been discovered in a bale of cardboard by a worker in the Waikato. More soon.

17:08 Owners of recalled Volkswagon Amarok utes are being urged to get in touch with their dealers for a software upgrade.

Tue, 28 Aug 2012

Stuck accelerator in the US

A US woman travelled for 50 miles on a freeway with her accelerator stuck to the floor - Sergeant Sheldon Lyon from the Missouri State Highway Patrol explained what happened. Sergeant Lyon said that the woman involved felt that it was like a video game and she just had to pick a lane. 28 August 2012.

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