Paralympics falling behind mindless TV shows


By Matt Hall-Smith

With the success of New Zealand’s Paralympic team at the London Paralympics, there’s been a few question marks raised over the lack of televised success by New Zealand’s Paralympians. Star Kiwi Paralympian Sophie Pascoe, who hauled back six medals to New Zealand, says the lack of TV coverage back home was disappointing.

TVNZ7 which was cancelled this year would have been the exact place for something like the Paralympics to be televised. The Ministry of Culture and Heritage had considered continuing backing for TVNZ7, by reprioritising cash from NZ On Air, but the Government remained definite and scrapped it, issuing its funds to shows like The GC.

With tedious shows such as The Ridges and The GC underway, it could possibly stir the pot for TVNZ7 to be brought back. Some question the $420,000 spent on The GC, and after the eight episode season, no constructive slants seemed visible.

As TVNZ7’s slogan was all about airing shows that no one else does, this TV channel may have been the perfect place to air an occasion that no one else did.

Along with other networks there’s an area of doubt around TVNZ’s approach towards the Paralympics, as it seemed they hadn’t adequately assessed alternative options that would have allowed TVNZ7 to be retained before its canning. Covering the Paralympics could have been one of those options.

There was no live television coverage of the Paralympics in New Zealand. NZ on Air and other TV networks now have four years to think about it. However the reality that people love the mindless rubbish on TV is now clearer than ever.

source: data archive