15:36 NBA champion dream over for Steven Adams and Oklahoma City Thunder. Reigning champs Golden State Warriors have just won the big final 96-88

15:27 One person critical after an incident in Rototuna in the Waikato. More soon.

15:05 Major announcement imminent from the Greens and Labour with a rare joint press conference called. Due to start 3.30pm in Parliament.

14:03 DUNCAN GARNER: Double the tobacco tax - and it's not racist

13:57 Brown and green packaging could become the norm for the country's cigarettes.

Tue, 18 Sep 2012

"My wife's niece is a model..." - A tale by Willie Jackson

Willie Jackson attempts to recall an anecdote, forgets a name, fails miserably with the story's point... and sends newsreader Mary-Jane Tomasi into hysterics. Cutting edge radio from the nation's favourite Maori.

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