15:35 Donald Trump's denied mocking disabilities of a reporter where he flailed his arms and distorted his speech in what looked like an imitation

15:14 Private investors now have control of Highlanders rugby franchise. It'll be run by a group of mainly South Island investors who'll have a 77% stake.

15:11 Extra safety standards now for Squirrel helicopters. The CAA's worried new loading and operating instructions for the choppers may be ambiguous.

15:09 Auckland Council has declared a restricted fire season from Tuesday, and a total fire ban for all of the Hauraki Gulf.

15:08 NZ features in Islamic State's latest propaganda. Our flag appears alongside 60 other countries, who I.S. say is the "global coalition" against them.

Sun, 05 Aug 2012

Mars Rover Team Chief, Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson is the Systems Engineer and Mission Manager for the Mars Exploration Rover program. Bill organizes the team of engineers responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers on Mars that have outlived their expected lifetimes outrageously. Hear their incredible story and check out the unbridled joy at NASA when they landed safely. It’s quite moving.

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