08:11 Hamilton police and rescue teams to resume search for a 7 year-old schoolboy missing overnight - William Thompson never got home from school

07:59 Oponents of the Trans Pacific trade deal are stepping up their criticism of the proposal as negotiators near agreement in Hawaii.

07:29 The father of Down Syndrome baby Leo is denying allegations he assaulted the woman who once oversaw his son's trust fund.

06:37 Remains of suitcase found on Reunion Island near debris that may be from #MH370 - pictures show the bag's rusted zip and and frayed netting

06:28 An ultra-Orthodox Jew is in custody in Israel after stabbing six people at a gay pride parade.

Thu, 15 Mar 2012

Labour Leader David Shearer

Andrew Patterson talks to Labour Leader David Shearer after his first major speech today in Wellington emphasizing the importance of education to help grow our country's economy. 15 March 2012

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