Kim Dotcom, internet tycoon, arrested in Auckland

By Duncan Wilson

This is's Kim Schmitz, otherwise known as Kim Dotcom. Schmitz has been arrested on piracy charges in Auckland and his website closed down.

Dotcom is a resident of both New Zealand and Hong Kong, his NZ application approved after he invested $10 million in government bonds and made a donation to the Christchurch earthquake fund. He had previous convictions at this time, but claims German law wiped them. He is also a dual citizen of Germany and Finland.

In 2010, Campbell Live took a look at the internet tycoon's extravagant lifestyle.

Dotcom was one of four arrested from his rental home, the Chrisco mansion in Coatesville, this morning. Here are some snaps from the businessman's lavish life.

  • Kim Dotcom presents: A lady on a beach

  • Kim Dotcom with a more handsome cardboard cut-out

  • Kim Dotcom stands somewhere with a nice beach behind him

  • Kim Dotcom, with a lady and a sign. The sign reads "guests only". Presumably the lady is a guest.

  • Kim Dotcom appears to play a prank on Bruce Willis

  • Kim Dotcom has a bath. With bubbles.

  • Kim Dotcom likes champagne lots

  • Kim Dotcom with a chopper which may be his or may be leased

  • Kim Dotcom hosts a foam party at his house. Naked-style.

  • Kim Dotcom removes suspect package from his own jet

  • Kim Dotcom takes a spa, thinks of others

  • Kim Dotcom likes steak and yellow paper

  • Kim Dotcom and a lady friend show off their porn collection

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