Kate Middleton flashes bottom

It was the parting gift that no-one in Canada had bargained for; as Kate Middleton and Prince William made their way across Calgary Airport runway to meet well-wishers, a gust of wind caught the bottom of Kate's yellow skirt.

The Duchess of Cambridge continued on, forced to hold on to her dress as the wind blew.

The dress disaster occurred at the end of the couple's nine-day tour of Canada.

Watch a video of Paul Henry on Kate's behind-baring here.

  • Kate Middleton struggles to keep her canary yellow dress down at Calgary airport. Picture: PhyreHazard on reddit.com

  • Kate Middleton's bottom has made headlines following its accidental exposure at Calgary Airport. Picture: ladyobama.com

  • Kate Middleton's pins were clearly on show as the Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William made their way across the runway at Calgary Airport. Picture: thebisq on reddit.com

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