14:35 Six fire crews wearing oxygen masks are battling thick smoke at a fire at Westland High School in Hokitika.

14:21 It's understood arrests have been made in Kennedy Bay after an armed standoff this afternoon. 3 men involved, 2 armed. Allegedly gang-related.

14:12 Westland High School fire now has 6 Hokitika fire appliances in attendance. Under control but burning two hours.

14:04 A man has died after jumping from a bridge into an estuary at Raglan in the Waikato this afternoon.

13:55 The only person killed in the terrorist attack on a plane in Somalia was the suicide bomber. 20 people, including airport employees, arrested.

Mon, 12 Dec 2011

Hilary Barry blooper: Telling the time

Here at RadioLIVE we try our hardest to get you the facts as fast as possible. Sometimes, however, our focus on bringing you the important facts causes us to lose focus on the simpler pieces of information. Take, for instance this example.

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