04:22 A roller coaster carriage at a theme park in Scotland has derailed and fallen on to a children's ride below. Early reports of 7 people dead.

04:20 The 7 kidnapped Macmahon mine workers in Nigeria have been released, although 5 are injured, 2 seriously. Group includes 1 New Zealander.

04:18 5 members of UK's Labour Party have resigned after a minister was sacked by leader Jeremy Corbyn. Deep divisions emerging within the party post Brexit

04:16 raqi forces have recaptured the last neighbourhood in the city of Fallujah held by Islamic State.

04:15 The Scottish Parliament is considering whether to block the result of the UK referendum, in order to remain in the EU.

Fri, 03 Aug 2012

Black singlets in tears during gold medal ceremony

Marcus Lush speaks to Olympics reporter George Berry, following the gold medal win for Joseph Sullivan and Nathan Cohen. George tells Marcus that everyone was crying during the medal ceremony. 3rd August 2012.

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