07:13 A Canstar Blue survey into electricity habits reveals many Kiwis are using blankets instead of switching on an extra heater to keep warm.

06:40 A suspicious campervan fire spread to a car dealership on the corner of Durham and Saint Asaph streets in central Christchurch overnight.

06:39 There are 9 confirmed cases of measles in Waikato this month after a hospital worker tested positive. The staff member had been vaccinated.

06:37 A search is due to resume at first light in the Tararua Ranges for missing American mother and daughter, Carolyn and Rachel Lloyd.

06:07 It is being reported from Syria that a new wave of attacks in the country's biggest city of Aleppo has triggered another ceasefire deal.

Tue, 22 Jan 2013

Andre Agassi winner: Antonia Bruce

Marcus Lush calls Antonia Bruce to inform her of her win. Antonia gets two tickets to join RadioLIVE at An Evening With Andre Agassi.

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