11 worst Valentine's Day cards ever

So Valentine's Day befalls us again. Cards will be bought for loved ones - some of them nice, some of them terrible.

We've scoured the internet for some bad specimens and have come up with what we feel to be aroha's lowest.

Feel free to buy your lover a card, just make sure it falls outside of this terrible eleven.

  • This just reeks of horror.

  • Laying down an offer that literally shouldn't be ignored.

  • How 'bout NO? Weirdo.

  • Valentine's Day. Know by some species as "Don't be a dove day".

  • Missing an apostrophe.

  • Ooh, almost as stupid as Romeo & Juliet.

  • Valentine's Day: Championing monogamy until 1947.

  • ...Pie? Picket? Oh, pear! I get it!

  • Geek chic.

  • While you may get away with this card, dressing like this you most certainly would not.

  • A truly tragic display of affections. A public serenading in the staff canteen is classier.

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