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  • 27 Feb at 16:26

    The battle over the guardianship of an HIV positive boy has finally come to an end with the court becoming his legal custodian.

  • 27 Feb at 16:24

    A tourist driver has been assaulted in Greymouth after a man removed the car keys, abused the driver and punched him in the face.

  • 27 Feb at 16:13

    A French national who died in a head-on collision in Bay of Plenty swerved to avoid a portable toilet which fell from a passing truck and trailer unit

  • 27 Feb at 16:11

    Four Chinese tourists have escaped unharmed after their rental car plunged into a West Coast river, crashing about 20 metres down a bank.

  • 27 Feb at 15:47

    An extra 40 biosecurity staff will be deployed to Eden Park tomorrow to monitor the flow of fruit and veges at the cricket world cup match.

  • 27 Feb at 15:44

    Police have revealed the identities of two people found dead at a Whangarei house. They were 32-year-old Brenda Gestro and 52-year-old Kim Larkins.

  • 27 Feb at 15:43

    "Constructive" discussions between our Foreign Minister and Australia's have focussed on Iraq, and the local threat of terrorism.

  • 27 Feb at 14:58

    26 year old German tourist Daniel Muller has pleaded guilty to causing a fatal crash near Christchurch earlier this week.

  • 27 Feb at 14:48

    Winston Peters is sure he can win in Northland, even though he believes he is starting as the by-election underdog.

  • 27 Feb at 13:27

    .One person has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a crash between a logging truck and a car near Christchurch Airport.

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