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  • 03 Sep at 16:25

    National's starting a 100 million dollar fund to buy back farmland in order to improve the country's water quality.

  • 03 Sep at 16:24

    Dairy giant Fonterra says it's never requested or paid for posts on the Whale Oil blog. It follows the release of another cache of emails by Whaledump

  • 03 Sep at 16:23

    Auckland anaesthetic technician Kristin Lawson has been struck off for working while high, and collapsing on two separate occasions.

  • 03 Sep at 16:21

    Waikato police are speaking with a man after an armed incident around the town of Paeroa this afternoon. The AOS was called out.

  • 03 Sep at 16:21

    Police say they will not hesitate to arrest anyone intimidating WINZ staff after a spate of threats in the last two days.

  • 03 Sep at 16:16

    National is down three points to 45% support in the latest Roy Morgan opinion poll. Labour and the Greens together are on 42%.

  • 03 Sep at 14:32

    Whaledump's released more communications, this time appearing to show plans for Whale Oil blog attacks on behalf of lobbyist Katherine Rich.

  • 03 Sep at 13:53

    Racing's Integrity Unit's set another two charges at suspended jockey David Walker, who allegedly flouted the rules at Waverley in July.

  • 03 Sep at 13:43

    There'll be no High Court judicial review of Hamilton City Council's decision to reintroduce fluoride to the city's water supply.

  • 03 Sep at 13:29

    National's promising to spend 100-million-dollars over 10 years to buy and retire farmland next to important waterways.

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