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  • 21 Dec at 16:44

    NZ football legend former All Whites captain Steve Sumner wants the red carpet rolled out to welcome home victorious Auckland City FC team.

  • 21 Dec at 16:34

    Man who shot dead 2 New York police officers as they sat in their patrol car had shot and seriously wounded ex-girlfriend just hours before.

  • 21 Dec at 16:32

    The Prime Minister's office has been aware for at least two weeks of claims government MP Mike Sabin is being investigated by police.

  • 21 Dec at 16:31

    Madonna has suddenly released six new songs months ahead of schedule. The 56-year-old is upset that early versions had leaked online.

  • 21 Dec at 16:28

    Police hunting for a person they believe involved in killing of South Auckland man 24 year-old Chevy Davis at 21st birthday party in Otara

  • 21 Dec at 16:16

    Queensland batsman Joe Burns is in line to make his test debut in the third test against India in Melbourne starting on Boxing Day.

  • 21 Dec at 16:14

    Police searching for missing fisherman 35-year-old Lian Thang Van near Nelson have found a body. They are yet to confirm it is Mr Lan's body

  • 21 Dec at 15:32

    Cairns mother Mersane Warria, 37, has been charged with murder over the deaths of eight children, including seven of her own.

  • 21 Dec at 15:30

    The Obama administration will consult with NZ among other countries to organise an international response to cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

  • 21 Dec at 15:28

    New conservation park opened near Kerikeri in Far North marking where Rev Samuel Marsden delivered first sermon on NZ soil 200 years ago.

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