07:02 A large truck carrying gas cylinders is on fire near Nelson Airport - There are at least 50 units on board - evacuation zone in place

06:42 US presidential hopeful Donald Trump raises eyebrows by suggesting that arming teachers might reduce gun violence at American colleges

06:41 Serial litigant Graham McCready urging customers affected by a botched Harvey Norman sale to file a private prosecution against the company

06:40 At least 16 killed by violent storm on the French Riveria - 4 others missing - Up to 180 mms of rain fell in just three hours

06:38 Police investigate 2 overnight fatal crashes: a 44 year-old woman died in the Chch CBD and a 30 year-old near Mt Taranaki ski field carpark

Mon, 10 May 2010

Medical researcher Dr Shaun Holt on Chiropractors

Medical researcher Dr Shan Holt criticises Chiropractics in the wake of the landmark libel case brought by them against Simon Singh being thrown out. Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill.

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