14:44 The Government is providing extra support for South Island farmers grappling with the country's longest-ever drought.

14:40 Ashburton's mayor Angus McKay is not swayed by a 40,000 signature petition, demanding a halt to the council's controversial water sale.

13:56 In the U.S the Food and Drug Administration is investigating the active ingredients used in hand sanitisers

13:55 Police believe Daniel Bindner the man found dead inside a cardboard bale at a Hamilton factory, was transported to the site in a recycling truck.

13:53 An armed man is being hunted by police in Palmerston North, forcing the closure of nearby schools.

Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Homeopathy Scammed Me

A cute and clever little self-shot piece on homeopathic treatment. Quite revealing.

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