12:11 Fonterra's rubbishing rumours CEO Theo Spierings is ready to quit over increasing pressure and low milk prices

12:10 Police are patrolling a primary school in Dunedin, after a driver made a sexual comment to a student on Friday afternoon.

11:57 Zuri the giraffe has made it on to the highway and is now south of Drury.

11:33 Fonterra's rubbishing claims it's about to lose its Chief Executive.

11:32 A protest over how sexual abuse victims' counselling claims are dealt with by ACC is taking place in Auckland today.

Tue, 15 May 2012

Richard Dawkins, eminent zoologist, evolutionary biologist and devout non-believer in the studio and taking calls

Graeme Hill hosts world-famous atheist Richard Dawkins at RadioLIVE. Weekend Variety Wireless.

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