14:05 The 20 year old man, blamed for a stabbing frenzy at a Japanese centre for the disabled, allegedly attacked residents while they slept.

12:56 Tighter regulations around the treatment of bobby calves have now been officially confirmed by cabinet

12:55 A 53-year-old woman's appeared in Auckland District Court, facing fraud charges against Auckland International Airport.

12:48 Three in four Kiwis are on the hunt for a new job as they re-assess their lives and careers.

11:32 Plans to allow evacuated residents back into their homes in southern California have been cancelled as a wildfire rages out-of-control.

Tue, 15 May 2012

Richard Dawkins, eminent zoologist, evolutionary biologist and devout non-believer in the studio and taking calls

Graeme Hill hosts world-famous atheist Richard Dawkins at RadioLIVE. Weekend Variety Wireless.

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