13:10 An online education provider says students will be left behind if we don't embrace technological change.

12:56 Australian airline Qantas has turned its fortunes around, posting a profit of more than one billion dollars.

11:54 An Australian father and son have been rescued after taking a wrong turn on 'Mount Doom' in Tongariro.

11:38 A Rotorua business caught selling 'premium alpaca wool' duvets which were in fact 96-per-cent sheep's wool has been fined

11:35 Labour's backing a proposal for roadside drug testing, and wants it introduced as quickly as possible.

Tue, 15 May 2012

Richard Dawkins, eminent zoologist, evolutionary biologist and devout non-believer in the studio and taking calls

Graeme Hill hosts world-famous atheist Richard Dawkins at RadioLIVE. Weekend Variety Wireless.

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