14:47 A Kiwi woman is reportedly missing from a Daintree beach in far north Queensland amid fears she has been taken by a crocodile.

13:57 The axe has fallen on a third of Stonewood Homes' Christchurch workforce.

13:55 About a dozen people turned up to a protest to urge ACC to reconsider its policy on taxpayer-funded counselling for sexual abuse survivors.

13:12 An Auckland dairy-owner has been prosecuted by health authorities for illegally selling one-dollar-50, single cigarettes

13:07 The Fire Fighters Union says Fire fighters shouldn't have to worry about being prosecuted if they run a red light.

Wed, 20 Jun 2012

Antarctica was much warmer 15 million years ago!

A new study from NASA, led by University of Southern California Researcher and Scientist Sarah Feakins has found that ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter than previously suspected. Ms Feakins told RadioLIVE Drive that ancient Antarctica was up to 11 degrees warmer - warm enough to support vegetation growth! 20 June 2012

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