The Royal Rendezvous: Questions, answers and finalists

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Air New Zealand, The AM Show and RadioLIVE are giving you the exclusive chance to be in London to experience the excitement, pomp, and fanfare of the Royal Wedding!

From April 30th to May 10th listen out to RadioLIVE across the day for the check in window to open.

Starting in The AM Show, then all across the day until Drive, you’ll be asked a ‘royal question’, simply be one of the first five to correctly answer it to be in to win!

Here are the Royal questions so far, and the lucky people who are the draw to win*:

RadioLIVE's Royal Rendezvous - thanks to Air New Zealand.

Monday 30th April

The AM Show
Question: What is the current reigning Queen’s first name?
Answer: Elizabeth.
Finalists: Eloise Dutoit, Yvette Gainsford, Julie Pendergrast, Mark Free, Anne Kumar.

Morning Talk
Question: When is the Queen's birthday celebrated?
Answer: The first Monday in June.
Finalists: Laurinda-Lee Grady, Rachel Peddie, Annie Haworth, Danielle Bartlett, Georgina Joyce.

The Long Lunch
Question: Who is the next in line for the throne?
Answer: Charles, Prince of Wales.
Finalists: Kathy Bridgeman, Lorayne Baker, Eira Wylie, Lisa Clarke, Shelley King.

Question: How many children does Prince William have?
Answer: 3.
Finalists: Gillian Tait, Matt McLeod, Emma Turner, Tennile Stone, Alistair Watt.

Tuesday 1st May

The AM Show
Question: Meghan Markle is from which country?
Answer: USA.
Finalists: Than Thaung, Polly Jones Morris, Mark Hill, Iain Waugh, Rebecca Verhoeven.

Morning Talk
Question: Meghan Markle is an actress best known for which show?
Answer: Suits.
Finalists: Tyler Smith, Clare Collins, Tony Lawrence, Viv Fisher, Antoinette Pratt.

The Long Lunch
Question: How many grandchildren does the Queen have?
Answer: 8.
Finalists: Tania Alexander, Brenda Mackenzie, Carol Garth, Kirsty Humm, Eileen Floro.

Question: How old is the Queen?
Answer: 92.
Finalists: Judith Bayley, Beth Fontinha, Jo Cherry, Daryl Rattray, Cathie McCallum.

Wednesday 2nd May

The AM Show
Question: How old was the Queen when she became the Queen?
Answer: 25 (27 at time of coronation).
Finalists: Janet Ritchie, Ann Thornton, Hans Duyvesteyn, Hope Smith, Nick Hill.

Morning Talk
Question: How long has the Queen been reigning?
Answer: 66 years.
Finalists: Yvonne Lowe, Joshua Walker, Kylie Reardon, Cheryl Carmine, Kay McAlpine.

The Long Lunch
Question: Who was the king who abdicated his throne because he wanted to marry a divorced American?
Answer: King Edward VIII.
Finalists: Maxine Robb, Robyn Macgregor, Bryn Palmer, Kate Von Biel, Jolanda Currie.

Question: What impediment did the Queens father George VI suffer from?
Answer: Speech impediment (stutter).
Finalists: Richard McNamara, Ethan Gordon, Denise Hill, Ray Darling, Helen Kasper.

Thursday 3rd May

The AM Show
Question: What is the name of the Queen’s late sister?
Answer: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.
Finalists: Chris Davidson, Yvonne Walker, Annie Thompson, Christine Pask, Isabel Hawks.

Morning Talk
Question: Other than English, which language can the Queen speak fluently?
Answer: French.
Finalists: Naomi Smith, Debbie Woodward, Ro Edge, Michael Roycroft, Al Murray.

The Long Lunch
Question: Other than English, which language can the Queen speak fluently?
Answer: French.
Finalists: John Conneely, Jeremy Brady, Karen Williams, Heidi Anderson, Leigh Groom.

Question: Who is Prince William and Prince Harry's mother?
Answer: Princess Diana Spencer.
Finalists: Jules Vaile, Barbara Arthurs, Carolyn Hamlin, Christine Greenfeild, Coleèn Tilson.

Friday 4th May

The AM Show
Question: When is the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?
Answer: 19th May, 2018.
Finalists: Suzanne Bartholomew, Bruce Davidson, Jill Pritchard, Christine Graham, Tammi Miller.

Morning Talk
Question: Which TV Show that started in 2016 is based on Queen Elizabeth II?
Answer: The Crown.
Finalists: Amy McKenzie-Wilson, Nelleta Moore, Junette Ward, Heather Spicer, Denise King.

The Long Lunch
Question: When did the Queen last visit New Zealand?
Answer: 2002.
Finalists: Denise Crane, Paula Morrison, Sarah Punnett, Lyn Waiwiri, Diana Sutherland.

Question: What was the name of the Queen's last Corgi?
Answer: Willow.
Finalists: Cliff Baker, Jocelyn Oliver, Nicki Parker, Mary Beadle, Michelle McMeeking.

Saturday 5th May

Rural Exchange
Question: Who's 8th in line for the Throne?
Answer: Princess Beatrice.
Finalists: Jude Bower, Scott Downs, Fiona Malcolm, Robert Keen, Ian Ryan.

Home & Garden
Question: Where did Charles and Camilla get married?
Answer: Windsor Guildhall.
Finalists: Liz Schroder, Naomi Te Paa, Diane Reynolds, Anna Perkins, Brendan Smith.

Weekend Life - Saturday
Question: Who played Queen Elizabeth in The Crown in the first season?
Answer: Claire Foy.
Finalists: Catherine Knowles, Sally Hamerton, Katie Baddock, Karen Johnson, Paula Foote.

Saturday Sport
Question: Who's 8th in line for the Throne?
Answer: Princess Beatrice.
Finalists: Marcus Bonk, Craig Belcher, Terry Green, Lynda Black, Jenni Berthold, Cathy Costley, Bruce Cameron.

Sunday 6th May

Rural Exchange
Question: Who's the second longest serving British Monarch after Elizabeth II?
Answer: Queen Victoria.
Finalists: Viv Thompson, Gaynor Foulds, Helen McGillan, Steph Hay, Robert Ervine.

Home and Garden
Question: In the line of succession to the British throne, what position is Prince Harry?
Answer: Sixth in line (after William's children).
Finalists: Sarah Spencer, Marion O'Neill, Marija Vidovich, Lyndsay Freer, Judy Dixon.

Weekend Life - Sunday
Question: Who's 8th in line for the Throne?
Answer: Princess Beatrice.
Finalists: Lynn Thompson, Linda Sloane, Fiona Knight, Jenny Saunders, Steve Merchant.

Sunday Sport
Question: Who's 8th in line for the Throne?
Answer: Princess Beatrice.
Finalists: Joy Shephard, Gerald Blackie, Nicole Muggeridge, Alyce Perkins, Robert Cullen.

Monday 7th May

The AM Show
Question: The Queen has two middle names, can you name at least one of them?
Answer: Alexandra Mary.
Finalists: Thelma Ward, Chris Charteris, Craig Neville, Mary Jo Harris, Bruce Thickpenny.

Morning Talk
Question: The Queen has reigned over 13 Prime Ministers, but who was the first?
Answer: Sir Winston Churchill.
Finalists: Sally Simmonds, Trish Berry, Beccy Davis, Lorraine Gardner, Kath Maire.

The Long Lunch
Question: Who is the Queen's youngest child?
Answer: Prince Edward.
Finalists: Claire Gulliver, Lorraine Futter, Donna Hamilton, Bev Broomhall, Gary Fransen.

Question: What is the Queen's only daughters name?
Answer: Princess Anne.
Finalists: Rochelle Phillips, Jason Blank, Bron Kemp, Anna Walters, Hamish Stewart.

Tuesday 8th May

The AM Show
Question: In 1945, what role did Queen Elizabeth have in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service?
Answer: Truck mechanic.
Finalists: Warwick Stevens, Deslie Cutforth, Anna Dolan, Maree Mcmahon, Stacey Gibb.

Morning Talk
Question: Who is the Queen's youngest child?
Answer: Prince Edward.
Finalists: Dave Edwards, Norma Baker, Trish Ferguson, Christine Hay, Nichola Holland.

The Long Lunch
Question: How old was the Queen Mother when she died?
Answer: 101 years old.
Finalists: Peter McDermott, Allan Beadle, Matt McMillan, Tala Milo, Emma Hall.

Question: How is Zara Phillips related to Prince Harry?
Answer: Cousin.
Finalists: Anne Kellard, Rachel Leece, Fiona Anderson, David Cartwright, Steve Faulkner.

Wednesday 9th May

The AM Show
Question: What was Meghan Markle's characters name in Suits?
Answer: Rachel Zane.
Finalists: Wendy Graham, Kirstin Lethbridge, Sandra Lucas, Michelle Roberts, Mark Richards.

Morning Talk
Question: How is Queen Elizabeth related to Queen Victoria?
Answer: Great, great granddaughter.
Finalists: Elaine McDermott, Christine Fearon, Heidi Anderson, Aurora Christensen, Megan Wildermoth.

The Long Lunch
Question: What year did Princess Diana die?
Answer: 1997.
Finalists: Alistair Cook, Jacqui Goldsworthy, Cal Smith, Sue Hughes, Annette McAinch.

Question: How many children does Prince Edward have?
Answer: 2.
Finalists: Jason Boyle, Sarah Lawrence, Pia Osborne, Raewyn Hucker, Sophie Wood.

Thursday 10th May

The AM Show
Question: Meghan is not her official first name. What is?
Answer: Rachel.
Finalists: Diane Brown, Sally Stuart, Louise Hawkings, Nicola Neville, Slyvia Corin.

Morning Talk
Question: What was the name of the (former) royal yacht?
Answer: Royal Yacht Britannia, HMY Britannia.
Finalists: Terry Balle, Robert McMullen, Janos Takacs, Rachel Murphy, Angela Teague.

The Long Lunch
Question: Which of the Queen's castles is in Scotland?
Answer: Balmoral.
Finalists: Ann Hodgson, Susan Golder, Christine Stewart, Peter Watt, Pat Barron.

Question: What RadioLIVE host will be broadcasting live from The Royal Wedding?
Answer: Lisa Owen!
Finalists: Nivedita Findlay, Steven Manning, Felicity Wright, Kenny Cunningham, Sandy Butcher.

The winner will be drawn after 8am tomorrow morning on The AM Show!

*Once you are a finalist you cannot enter again.

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