Words with Max Cryer, 9:30pm Saturdays

Max Cryer’s career began as an opera singer in London. Contracted by a Hollywood agency as an entertainer, he toured through the US in cabaret television 10 times.

In New Zealand, he became NZ Entertainer of the Year '73, and hosted 12 different television series – including his talk-variety show “Town Cryer”. Contracted to TVNZ, he produced ten series of "Mastermind". His 16 books - published in Australia, NZ, UK and USA - have three times topped the NZ non-fiction best-seller list.

Awarded MBE in 1995 for Services to Arts. In 1996, he began a radio segment answering listener questions about the English language – still on RadioLIVE today.

You can find Max's latest segment on Hour 2 of the Weekend Variety Wireless podcast on iTunes and BeyondPod (android).  


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