Science Report

Weekend Variety Wireless: In case you missed Saturday

Here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Variety Wireless with Graeme Hill on Saturday 6th October, 2018.


Science Report: Physics scandals

Renowned physicist and author of Silencing Science, Shaun Hendy joins RadioLIVE's Graeme Hill.


Kiwi professor researching President Trump's style

Professor Ted Zorn discusses his current research project that looks at US President Donald Trump’s communications.


Science Report: Marine ecology management

Marine biologist Rochelle Constantine takes a look at our marine reserves and their ecological management.


The rights and wrongs of science fiction

Physicist and author Shaun Hendy takes a look at what science fiction has got right and wrong.


Science Report

This week Graeme Hill is back for Weekend Variety Wireless as it continues with Science Report, talking Mouse DNA & so much more!


Science Report with Shaun Hendy

Graeme and Shaun count down the Top 10 Science Stories of 2017.


Science Report with Rochelle Constandine - Narwhal's weirdness , Snapper Genetics, Doom of algae bloom


Science Report Special - Skeptics Conference with Siouxsie Wiles


Science Report with Vicki Hyde

Science is OK! With Skeptics Society Chair Entity and advocate for the public understanding of Science, Vicky Hyde.