Graeme Hill's Weekend Line Up

WEEKEND VARIETY WIRELESS - August 18th and August 19th, 2018

SATURDAY, August 18th

8:15 Science Report with Marine Biologist Rochelle Constantine. The history, effect and future of New Zealand’s Marine Reserves.

8:40 Astronomy with Grant Christie. The Amazing story of Eta Carinae - superstar

Mars solar eclipse. Photo: NASA, Curiosity.

9:15 Film critic James Croot. This week we go big on Meg the Megalodon shark thing and the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise.

9:30 Words with Max Cryer. This week plastic, why is petrol called gas, and where’s the box in the box office? E-mail your wordy questions to Graeme here and he’ll forward them to Max.

10:15 ENVIRONEWS. The State of our Fresh Water Fish. DoC has just released a new comprehensive scientific survey on the status and health of all our fresh water fish. DoC’s freshwater things person Nicholas Dunn walks us through what it says and some of our lesser-known incredible creatures left stranded from the last ice-age.

But.. what to do about Whitebait? Three whitebait species are either at risk, declining or endangered. Should we be harvesting endangered native species?  Forest & Bird’s fresh water things person Annabeth Cohen advocates for our wildlife. Here’s a picture of one of your whitebait grown up.

Galaxid. Photo: DoC.

11:10 Shipwreck Tales make a brief return so we can make the archive complete. This week John McCrystal regales the horrors of a true big ship disaster from Canada in 1914, The Empress of Ireland. Pictured is the damage sustained by the Storstad hitting and sinking the big liner. The Shipwreck Tales Archive here

The Storstad. Photo: Wikiwand.

SUNDAY August 19

8:15 Media Stick with Paul Casserly. The week’s media dissected.

9:10 Skeptical Thoughts with Mark Honeychurch. The week’s woo and scams exposed for what they aren’t.

9:30 Steve Kilby of The Church, up close. He discusses his life, influences, and just how hard is it to kick heroin? He’s an expert. He’s done it 8 times. The Starfish 30th Anniversary Tour Facebook page here

Steve Kilby. Photo: Mushroom Music.

10:15 Dybvig’s America. All things USA from John’s passionate point of view.

10:30 Cat Stevens tribute artist Darren Coggan. He’s obviously a fan so Graeme takes this opportunity to delve into the mysteries around how Cat Stevens and his team created the exquisite and unique sound of Tea For The Tillerman. Darren’s Peace Train Tour here

Photo: Island Records.

11:00 Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. This week Moore’s March. New Zealander Ron Moore was serving in the African Desert war in 1940 when his group was attacked and left for dead. All they had to do was walk wounded and unaided 340km through the Sahara with just 1 litre of water to safety.

Go here for the FULL Outsiders Archive.

Photo: Ron Moore.