Graeme Hill's Weekend Line Up

WEEKEND VARIETY WIRELESS - October 13th and October 14th, 2018

SATURDAY, October 13th

8:15 Science Report Physicist Shaun Hendy. The 2018 science Nobel prizes. Who won, for what and why.

8:40 Astronomy with Grant Christie. The incredible Voyager spacecraft, where they are now and the best documentary on them, The Farthest.

  • The Hubblescope is broken, for now. A barn doorstep turns out to be meteorite.
  • Take a look at this gorgeous video of a solar flare, many times larger than Earth. It’s about 3 hours sped up to better show what’s going on.
Photo: Youtube.

9:30 Words with Max Cryer. What does petrol really mean? The difference between flinch and wince, Amazon and Gobbledegook. If you have a question for Max mail here and Graeme will forward it on.

10:15 Human Statistics with IPSOS researcher, Jonathan Dodd. International attitudes to Banks, Big Business and Media.

10:30 Neville Peat, author of The Invading Sea. With global warming sea is getting angrier. What does this mean for New Zealand’s shore and the communities living near them?

10:50 Moss Patterson, dancer and choreographer. Moss does his best to describe the dance works he produces, with special attention to his latest work, Pango, and what happened to the “Golden Age” of New Zealand Contemporary Dance?

Photo: Supplied.

11:10 JC Carroll of UK Punk explosion stars, The Members. Remind yourself of the Sound Of The Suburbs here.  

The Members' JC Carroll performs a solo show in Auckland, Friday 19th October at The Thirsty Dog on Karangahape Road. Tickets here. 

Sunday, October 14th

8:15 Media Stick with special guest Hugh Sundae. The week’s media guff picked through with a big spade.

9:10 Skeptical Thoughts with Mark Honeychurch. The week’s woo and scams exposed for they’re not.

9:30 Jesus Make It Stop. The Death Throes of WWI. Military historian Glyn Harper describes the military and political manoeuvres that occurred in the weeks leading up to the 100th anniversary of Armistace on November 11.

Go here for the previous episodes.

The Passchendaele battlefield in WWI.

10:15 Letter From America with John Dybvig. US politics and culture from John’s unique perspective.

10:30 Read Me A Poem! For the next few week’s Graeme grabs literary rock-stars with a passion for poetry, asks them about one of their favourites and why, and they read it. This week CK Stead gets 2 poems because he’s CK Stead.

Photo: Francesco Guidicini.

11:00 Outsiders with Gerard Hindmarsh. Gerard is overseas doing research so we’re grabbing a WWI themed piece for replay, the extraordinary feats of one of New Zealand’s most decorated soldiers and Victoria Cross recipient, Reginald Judson. Visit the Outsider archive here.