Wendyl Wants To Know

Mondays, from 1:45pm. Wendyl Nissen reads the fine print of food labels so you don't have to. She investigates whether the nutritional value of popular products actually stack up. 

Wendyl Wants to Know: Kiwi dip

This classic Kiwi dip is so delicious and easy to make... but is it good for you?


Wendyl Wants to Know: Custard

This week in Wendyl Wants to know, Wendyl Nissen takes a look at custard ingredients and gives a recipe to make it from scratch.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Massel Gluten Free Chicken Stock Cubes

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at what goes into stock cubes in this week's Wendyl Wants to Know.


Wendyl Wants to Know: V Pure

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at the ingredients in V Pure.


Wendyl wants to know: Maggi Hollandaise Finishing Sauce

Today: Wendyl wants to know the ingredients in Maggi's Hollandaise finishing sauce.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Deep Spring Light Raspberry

Wendyl has finally found a natural flavoured, sugar free drink that doesn't have a bitter after taste.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Whiskas Kitten & Adult Cats Milk Plus Lactose Free

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at the ingredients in pet milk on Wendyl Wants to Know today.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Edmonds Cake in a Cup, Raspberry and Coconut

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at the ingredients in Edmonds cake in a cup.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Bluebird Sunday Roast Chips

Wendyl Wants to Know by Wendyl Nissen.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Nature’s Goodness dog roll

Check out Wendyl Nissen's Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition dog roll recipe with roast meat and sweet potato.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Jarrah Hot Chocolate Salted Caramel

Wendyl Nissen takes a look at the ingredients in Jarrah hot chocolate, salted caramel flavour.


Wendyl Wants to Know: Big Ben Classic Cheese Sausage Roll

Wendyl Wants to Know.