Recipes from The Long Lunch

Mondays, from 1pm. Mate with a Plate features a chef (often Kiwi) who discusses their story, restaurant, and shares a recipe with listeners. 

Fridays, from 1pm. Weekend Treats shares a delicious baked good for listeners to whip up ahead of the weekend. 

Weekend Treats: Queijadas de Leite

Pedro Marcelino from Nata Portuguese Bakery in Auckland brought in these incredible custard tarts, the perfect sweet treat before Christmas.


Mate With a Plate: Gingerbread cookies

Our Mate With a Plate today is Lisa Crowe and here is her Gingerbread cookie recipe.


Mate With a Plate: The perfect Christmas cake

Lisa Crowe is our Mate With a Plate today and here is her recipe for the perfect Christmas cake.


Weekend Treats: Beetroot halva

Ashia Ismail-Singer is our Weekend Treats guest today and here is her recipe for Beetroot Halva.


Mate With a Plate: Eye fillet of beef & green tomato salad

Kathy Paterson from Meat and Three is out Mate With a Plate today and here is her recipe for eye fillet of beef & green tomato salad.


Friday Night Cocktail: Christmas Breeze

Christmas in a cup, basically.


Weekend Treats: Festive Rocky Road

Here is the rocky road recipe from our Weekend Treats guests today.


Mate With a Plate: Josh Barlow, The Sugar Club

Josh Barlow is out Mate With a Plate today, he is executive chef at the Sugar Club and he shares his fancy chip and dip recipes with us.


Friday Night Cocktail: Cointreau Fizz

Here is MermaidMary's Friday Night Cocktail recipe.


Weekend Treats: Yellow brick rocky road

Here is our Weekend Treats recipe for rocky road.