Recipes from The Long Lunch

Mondays, from 1pm. Mate with a Plate features a chef (often Kiwi) who discusses their story, restaurant, and shares a recipe with listeners. 

Fridays, from 1pm. Weekend Treats shares a delicious baked good for listeners to whip up ahead of the weekend. 

The Green Goddess cocktail

In honour of Wendyl's last show, MermaidMary has created a special cocktail just for her, The Green Goddess Cocktail.


Weekend Treats: Ruakaka kingfish tartare

Cameron Knox from Xoong is our Weekend Treats guest today and here is his recipe for Ruakaka kingfish tartare.


Weekend Treats: Easy marmalade

This makes enough for about six 250ml jars.


Friday night cocktail: Celery Sour

MermaidMary's Friday night cocktail this week is the celery sour.


Weekend Treats: Franjo's Kitchen chocolate muffins

Fran Woods, co-founder of Franjo’s Kitchen is our Weekend Treats guest this week and here's a chocolate muffin recipe with a difference for you to try


Mate With a Plate: Lemon sole with sauce vierge

Darren Lovell from Fishbone Queenstown Bar & Grill shares his delicious recipe for sauce vierge.


Mate With a Plate: The ultimate one pan cookie

Luke Hines is our Mate With a Plate today - check out his recipe for the ultimate one pan cookie!


Friday night cocktail: The perfect gin martini with Roku

Grab some premium Roku gin, vermouth and fresh ginger - and you're good to go.


Weekend Treats: Roasted orange & hazelnut cake

Our Weekend Treats guest today is Nicola Galloway from Nelson.


Mate With a Plate: Vegetable frittata

Here's our Mate With a Plate recipe from The Long Lunch today.