Recipes from The Long Lunch

Mondays, from 1pm. Mate with a Plate features a chef (often Kiwi) who discusses their story, restaurant, and shares a recipe with listeners. 

Fridays, from 1pm. Weekend Treats shares a delicious baked good for listeners to whip up ahead of the weekend. 

Mate With a Plate: Peter Gordon's spaghetti and cheese bread tartlets

Peter Gordon is our Mate With a Plate today and here's a recipe from his book, Peter Gordon: Eating Well Everyday


Friday night cocktail: Pink Dragons Breath

MermaidMary's Friday night cocktail.


Weekend Treats: Rhubarb and custard tarts

Max Fuhrer is our Weekend Treats guest this week. He joins Wendyl Nissen talking about what he's been up to & shares his rhubarb custard tart recipe.


Friday night cocktail: Ardbeg Grooves Smoke & Sour

It's Friday, so it's time for MermaidMary's Friday night cocktail.


Weekend Treats: Torta della nona

Glenys Casci is our guest for Weekend Treats on The Long Lunch today and here is her recipe for torta della nona.


Mate with a Plate: Eric Pateman’s Roast Chicken with Black Truffle Butter

Eric Pateman is one of the leading ambassadors of Canadian cuisine.


MermaidMary's cocktail of the week: The Windsor G&T

Here's MermaidMary's Friday night cocktail recipe for you to try this weekend.


Weekend Treats: Nadia Lim's Asian beef short ribs with rice and veggies

Nadia Lim is our Weekend Treats guest today and here is her short rib recipe for you to try this wintry weekend.


Green Goddess: Treats to entice wild birds to your garden

Here are some Green Goddess recipes to bring wild birds to your garden over winter.


Mate With a Plate: Juan Balsani's eye fillet tartare

Juan Balsani, head chef at Augustus Bistro is our Mate With a Plate today and here is his recipe for eye fillet tartare.