Dairy and beef sectors agree on costs of M bovis eradication

After initial disagreements over the share of cost, B+LNZ and Dairy NZ have come to terms with the eradication cost split.


Landcorp tax submission 'a cup of cold sick' - Nathan Guy

Landcorp has suggested to the Tax Working Party that New Zealand farmers should pay more taxes.


Parliament lacking in MPs with rural experience - research

New research suggests that less than 10 percent of Parliament's 121 MPs have experience working in the agricultural sector.


Fifth-generation sheep & beef farmer turned Kaipara Mayor

Along with running the district, Kaipara Mayor Dr Jason Smith also owns a 430ha sheep & beef farm.


'Useless' MP working hard for rural communities

Simon Bridges called her "f**king useless", but list MP Maureen Pugh says she is busy helping our rural communities.


An attack on Fonterra farmers is an 'attack on rural NZ' - shareholders' chair

Fonterra shareholders' chairman responds to the scathing comments made by NZ First MP Shane Jones.


Damien O'Connor: The Ministry will toughen up biosecurity

Minister of Agriculture Damien O'Connor joins Richard Loe at the show to discuss the Ministry’s plans to deal with biosecurity among other topics.


Life for Nathan Guy in opposition

Hamish catches up with Nathan Guy on what life looks like in the opposing chair.


How will our export trade change under Labour?

Hawkes Bay sheep and beef farmer and NZ Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, Mike Peterson, could be in for a busier time than usual.


New ministry’s affecting the primary sector

Change is coming whether we like it or not, 4 Ministry’s replace one, MPI is gone!


The new Minister of Agriculture

Damien O’Connor was sworn in as the new Minister of Agriculture, Food Safety, Biosecurity and Rural Communities & many more.


Agriculture the battleground for new govt

The war for Winston's heart is over, but Blackham PR Strategist, Mark Blackham believes agriculture will continue.


Former young farmer to National MP

A number of new MPs were elected last Saturday following the general election the REX team meet some of our new farmer MPs.


NZ First MP says they will have balance to immigration

While we now all have to wait around for the next couple of weeks until Winston Peters makes up his mind as who will form the new government.


James Shaw open to speaking to Bill English

Green Party support from the regions closer to New Zealand National Party than many think.


Election feedback from Federated Farmers

We hear from Federated Farmers president Katie Milne on what she makes of the election results and what it means to farmers.


What can the rural sector expect post election

The REX team speak to David Anderson, Co-Producer of REX and owner of Write here, Right Now about what the rural sector can expect post election.


Final say from Nathan Guy & Damian O'Connor pre-election

Nathan Guy, Primary Industries Spokesperson for National & Damian O’Connor, Primary Industries Spokesperson for Labour take their last questions.


Nats / Green coalition? says Gower

As the polls show Greens dropping out of the race and the shared values towards supporting farmers to be environmentally sustainable.


"We must be pragmatic about water tax," says Central Otago mayor

The Mayor of the driest region in New Zealand, Tim Cadogen Central Otago Mayor on the grave concerns of Central Otago producers have.


Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story

This weekend the Green Party’s leader James Shaw announced their ‘game-changing’ policy to raise $135 million from ‘polluting dairy farmers’.


Mycobacterium bovis outbreak anger answered by Nathan Guy

Pounding the dirt roads leading to woolsheds and cowsheds across the country this week, Primary Industries Spokesperson for National Nathan Guy.


Is National relying on the rural vote?

Prime Minister Bill English spoke to the Rural Exchange team from the campaign trail following his first leaders debate on Thursday.


Let’s do this ‘water tax’ together - Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda stands by keeping her water policy open till after the election so she can sit down and consult with the concerned parties if they get in.


NZ First says we already are regulating water

NZ First are calling it a ‘Food Tax’ but is it really? Can you really tax the asset of water?


A water tax doesn’t address the problems

Farmers already pay huge money for the reticulation of their irrigation water on farm, do we need to tax them more?


Royalty the same as everything else, says Labour

We pay a ‘royalty’ already on oil, gas & gravel out of the river, so why not pay a ‘royalty’ on water?


Blaming the farmers won't fix the problem

The Labour Party will abolish any substantial increase in land use activity should it be in government after the next election.


Japan to charge us more if we don't join TPPA

Japan's put a 50 percent tariff on meat imported from all countries it doesn't have a free trade agreement with.


How the proposed 'water tax' will impact you

Irrigation NZ is working to raise questions about the fairness and viability of a new water tax.