Elderly abuse stories on Morning Talk

It began with a call from a listener in March, who told Sainsbury about the alleged neglect of her elderly father in a rest home. Mark Sainsbury has since received an outpouring of anecdotes relating to elderly abuse and neglect across the country.

Critical issues at rest home a year after $10,000 refund

An unannounced rest home inspection has revealed “concerning” issues less than a year since it was ordered to refund $10,000 to a resident.


Mark Sainsbury's petition for elderly going strong - click to sign!

Mark Sainsbury believes New Zealand’s elderly deserve a champion, so much so that he has launched a petition to Parliament.

Champion for elderly ‘only the beginning’ – Winston Peters

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says that good policy is required to ensure elderly citizens will be treated fairly.


Mark Sainsbury: New Zealand’s elderly need your help

I want to see measures to be put in place to protect the elderly’s rights, writes Mark Sainsbury.


Corina: I hope no one will suffer as my dad did

Elderly citizens do not deserve to be in fear of needing aged care or fear that they won’t be treated with dignity and respect, writes Corina.


Raise concerns about rest homes early - Health and Disabilities Commission

Mark Sainsbury is joined by Rose Wall from the Health and Disabilities Commission to talk about complaints about rest homes.


Rest home under fire for ‘inhumane’ care of terminally ill patient

The patient even warned the family to change their visit times, telling his daughter that “they know when you’re coming”.


Rest homes allegedly restricting shower time

RadioLIVE has received a number of disturbing calls about aged care residents being told they can only shower twice a week.