Who should fill in for Lisa Owen?

Drive 11/07/2018

RadioLIVE Drive co-host Lisa Owen is off on holiday from July 16 though August 20, so in the meantime, we’re looking for fill-ins to help host the show with Ryan Bridge!

Who would you like to hear on RadioLIVE Drive?

It’s your turn to find the host with the most; they could be a politician, actor, public figure, or even yourself - anyone you’re keen to hear on Drive.

If you'd like to nominate yourself, you have the option to upload a 2-3 minute audio file (MP3). Alternatively, you can also submit a video (under 2 minutes) by emailing us at drive@radiolive.co.nz. Audio or video files are encouraged to include:

  1. Name.
  2. Location.
  3. Occupation and/or hobbies.
  4. Why _______ would be a great co-host on RadioLIVE Drive!

While RadioLIVE would love to consider and use all nominations made, we are unable to guarantee that nominations will confirm a co-host spot on RadioLIVE Drive.