The Control Room

Head behind the scenes of RadioLIVE with The Control Room podcast.

We’re tackling some of the interesting issues of the week with the names you don’t know from the control room of RadioLIVE and the producer's booth to you.

It’s a look at what happens on-air and off-air with the stories from the team that actually make it happen.

Listen to the show trailer here:

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Meet the hosts

Host Asher Bastion is RadioLIVE's production manager.  

Cari Johnson represents both the US and RadioLIVE digital content.

Brin Rudkin hosts InFocus and is RadioLIVE's digital content editor. 

Claudia Sykes is RadioLIVE's marketing assistant and techncial producer.

Anand Hira is RadioLIVE's operations manager. 

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