WINSTON PETERS: Media turning politics into reality TV show

winston peters opinion piece
Photo: Newshub.

OPINION:Winston Peters - Media turning politics into a TV reality show.

New Zealand can be assured we have moved closer to forming the 52nd government.

On Thursday preliminary talks with Labour and National were held in which ground rules and protocols were set.

On Saturday when the outcome of the over 384,000 special votes are finally known the muddied waters will become clearer and we will know then whether we are relevant, and if so, what is relevant in moving forward.

To have acted without this result being known would have been the height of irresponsibility.

But this fact, unfortunately, continued to be ignored, or overlooked, by too many of our chattering media.

Often the New Zealand public forgets that television networks and media are in the business of selling ‘news.’

Media are in the ratings game; they need to get viewers, readers and listeners; they must drag in advertising revenue.

Otherwise they are out of business.

It’s not about giving the public cold, hard facts.

That is too dull.

It’s why they turn politics into a sort of reality TV show hyped up by the likes of Garner and Gower, the Two Ronnies of New Zealand television, whose talents would find a wonderful outlet in hosting gameshows.

At this stage of our talks with National and Labour our message to the New Zealand is public – sadly you have been misinformed since the election.

Now, however, after this Saturday afternoon we will all know factually what we are dealing with.

Which is what wise people in the community have always based their decisions on.

Rt Hon. Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First