WINSTON PETERS: Capitalism has to regain its human face

Mr Peters announcing the new Government. Photo: Newshub

Capitalism has to regain its human face

On Thursday, New Zealand First made its decision on the future government of this country for the next three years.

This was not the decision of the leader. This was a decision reached by New Zealand First MPs and our board.

In our 24 years of existence as a political party this is how we have operated.

Personally, I have entered into two governmental agreements with Prime Ministers from different parties.

We have shaken hands on it, and both those former Prime Ministers have confirmed that as a result of that agreement I entirely kept to my word.

When we construct the formal agreement summating those matters we have negotiated with Labour, the policies will be published

New Zealand First realises that far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe.

And they are not all wrong.

That perception has influenced our negotiations.

We believe that capitalism must regain its human face and behave responsibly. 

The choice for New Zealand First was between a modified status quo with National, or for change with Labour. 

In our negotiations National and Labour were presented with that opportunity.

New Zealand First is satisfied with the decision we have made.

We have secured major policies to advance New Zealand economically and socially.

Big or small all of these policies are important.

Rt Hon. Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First