WINSTON PETERS: We're becoming less Kiwi under National

Opinion 01/09/2017

OPINION: We’re becoming less ‘Kiwi’ under National

National identity is important to New Zealand First.

Like all New Zealanders we take pride in the All Blacks, the Black Ferns, our Olympic champions and our America’s Cup yachties. When they triumph we get a lump in our throats and think – wow, little old New Zealand can do darn well on the world stage.

We punch above our weight; there’s no doubt about that.

New Zealand First is not happy, though, when we see things happening that are not in New Zealand’s best interests and which damage our sense of “Kiwiness” and national identity.

That’s why we get hot under the collar when we see some of our finest farmland disappearing into foreign ownership.

Other things irritate us too – like the fact the supply lines to our main export earners, dairy and red meat, are falling more and more into foreign control; that eight out of the top ten forestry companies in New Zealand are foreign owned; that 95 percent of our banking system is foreign controlled.

These banks are taking our billions of dollars in profits out of New Zealand every year while the National government looks the other way and says, we need foreign investors.

Labour’s record on land, house and asset sales to foreigners is not much better.

Neither National nor Labour are for New Zealand “first” – we are. That’s why we’re called “New Zealand First.”

Stick with these parties and expect more of the same of what happened this week when a magnificent farm at Kaiwaka that had been in a Kiwi family for more than 100 years was snapped up by a buyer from Singapore. The farm is an hour’s drive from Auckland and has magnificent harbour views.

Its days as a working farm are almost certainly over. In all probability the land will be sub-divided.

That’s what goes on when we have a weak, soft government that puts dollars ahead of national pride and identity.

Rt Hon Winston Peters NZ First Leader