WINSTON PETERS: The mysterious Dr Yang

Opinion 15/09/2017

OPINION: Winston Peters

We need to know about the mysterious Dr Yang

All of us know the National government cosies up to Communist China.

The former National Prime Minister John Key beat a path so many times to Beijing he should have rented an apartment there.

He made six official visits to Beijing while he was Prime Minister.And we all know who the boss is in our relationship with them.

If we step out of line with China watch out. We are not allowed to talk about the South China Sea. Then when we get upset about them dumping cheap steel in New Zealand they threaten "retaliatory measures" against our dairy, wool and kiwifruit trade.

The bombshell this week was to learn that a National List MP Jian Yang who has been in Parliament for six years worked with the Chinese military intelligence for 10 years.

That raised questions.

Is he still a card carrying Communist?

How much contact has he had with the Chinese government representatives in NZ?

Given his links to the communist regime, how did he become a member of our Parliament?

That needs explaining in greater depth. He is now a central fundraising figure for National.

We don’t want the reds under beds McCarthyism mentality which swept across the United States many years ago.

But we need to know more about the mysterious Dr Yang. He needs to step aside and an inquiry launched.

Rt Hon Winston Peters NZ First Leader