WINSTON PETERS: Our decision will be taken in the best interests of NZ

Opinion 29/09/2017

OPINION: Winston Peters - Our decision will be taken in the best interests of New Zealand

The days immediately after a general election can be a nearly as challenging as at the height of a political campaign.

This is even more so when the final result is uncertain, as we have now in New Zealand.

We will have to wait until October 7 when 384,000 special votes are counted before we know the final composition of New Zealand’s 52nd Parliament.

Nothing will be fully clear until then.

New Zealand First will not express our views on possible coalition partners until we know precisely what the voice of the New Zealand public is.

A final decision can only be expected with the return of the writs on October 12.

These are the rules; this is the course of action that is required.

How disappointing it has been, therefore, to read and hear the tirade of speculative nonsense that has been unleashed upon the New Zealand public.

We did not invent and popularise such emotive terms as “kingmaker” and “bottom lines.”

We have not talked of “utu;” we are not up to any “old tricks”; we are not “holding the country to ransom.”

We have simply been abiding by the rules and requirements.

In all of this, however, it is obvious fair and balanced reporting has in too many instances gone out the window.

And there are some people who are resentful to see New Zealand First holding the position we have.

If that is a concern, then their frustration should be levelled at the system, not us.

All we can say is, when it comes time for New Zealand First to make our decision the public can be assured it will be in the best interests of New Zealand and in line with our party’s policies.

Rt Hon. Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First