WINSTON PETERS: One policy the old parties won't steal

Opinion 11/09/2017

OPINION: Immigration down to around 10,000 – one policy the old parties won’t steal

Originality within politics is a rarity these days.

It is definitely a quality that is absent within the ranks of both National and Labour. If there is one common characteristic that the two old parties share, it is their incapability of sparking up an inspirational or original thought.

Like the child in the classroom, they poke their noses into someone else’s policy book to find a “vote grabber.”

If it is, they steal it.

Then, with a calculated tweak here and there, they present the policy as their own.Not so long ago National stole our policy on free GP visits for under 13-year-olds. This week it was Labour’s turn - again. Jacinda Ardern rolled into Rotorua and suddenly became an expert on forestry.

She announced a new government with Labour at the wheel would revive the former powerhouse New Zealand Forest Service.

There was no addendum to this announcement that it was Ms Ardern’s own party, Labour, which abolished the service back in the late 1980s when Roger Douglas and his gang flogged off state assets.

How the world has turned.

The “new” Labour policy was a straight cut and paste out of New Zealand First’s policy book. We laid out our intentions to revive state forestry last year.

There have been other New Zealand policies that National and Labour have stolen as well.

But we know there’s one policy neither of them will go near.

That’s our policy to pull back immigration to a number that works in New Zealand’s best interests – around 10,000 net a year.

Rt Hon Winston Peters New Zealand First leader