WINSTON PETERS: More National back room deals over TPPA?

Opinion 22/08/2017

OPINION: Winston Peters 

More National back-room deals over TPPA

The government has been rumbled - again.

They’ve been furtively trying to drag the dead and buried TPPA out of the grave.

They are trying to lock a deal in so any future government has no say in what is in the agreement.

Donald Trump delivered the TPPA death blow at the beginning of the year and anyone with any sense would realise with the United States gone, it’s game over.

Not the National government. In their latest insult to the concept of transparency and honesty they’ve been doing back room deals trying to breathe life in the TPPA dead duck.

There’s been no consultation with the New Zealand public and Parliament has been kept in the dark.

Next week government negotiators will be in Sydney – at the expense of the New Zealand taxpayer - attending secret TPPA meetings with the intention of presenting a fait accompli for the APEC meeting in Vietnam in November.

The government’s excuse is that the TPPA will be good for trade and when it comes to trade, they know best and to heck with the New Zealand public.

But the TPPA was never about free trade – it’s all about being a protection racket to help multinational corporations. It sells our producers and exporters short.

Why would New Zealand want to be part of a deal which compromises Pharmac and lets foreign corporates sue our government in offshore courts if they think our laws restrict them making big money here.

As the New Zealand public have come to realise, the National government is an arrogant “we know best” bunch of neo-liberal globalists who have lost touch with everyday Kiwiss

Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader