WINSTON PETERS: English goes from bad-mouthing to "Mr Nice Guy"


OPINION: English goes from bad-mouthing to ‘Mr Nice Guy’

Many young New Zealanders have been turned off by National.

They could even be justified in calling National a bunch of shifties.

For years National has slammed young unemployed Kiwis saying they were useless, drugged out, unemployable into the country.

They dismissed our Kiwi young while horrendous immigration brought a flood of cheap easy-to-push-around migrant labour

Former Prime Minister Key claimed many young Kiwis wouldn’t pass a drug test, lived in the wrong place, wouldn’t turn up for work, and didn’t have a work ethic or couldn’t muster what is required to work.

Bill English took up the same theme: Young New Zealand farm workers were “pretty damned hopeless,” “they won’t show up, “you can’t rely on them.”

Earlier this year he said employers were regularly telling him Kiwis can’t pass drug tests.

The theory didn’t stack up, he just parroted the same old line.

The facts reveal of 30,000 young New Zealanders without jobs and not in training or education who were drug tested over a one year period, only 100 failed a drug test.

That blew shifty Bill’s lousy excuse out of the water.

National has a shocking record when it comes to young people getting into training and jobs.

Between 2008 and 2012 they presided over a major collapse in apprenticeships.

Had they been doing their job properly New Zealand would have 20,000 extra fully qualified and skilled tradespeople.

This week National’s cynical hypocrisy hit a new low.

Bill English turned up in Hawke’s Bay with a sickly grin and a box of candy trying to woo voters.

He announced the government was introducing a scheme to get young people from four regions into work.

Previously, the problem was all of the young New Zealanders’ own making.

But the election is near, he needs to perform.

Of course he knows 92,000 young Kiwis are without jobs, not in training or education. He once described them as “missing”.

But he knows they all have families, parents and grandparents. And the vote.

So, after months and years of putting the boot into young Kiwis, Bill English has turned into “Mr Nice Guy,” just to get him over the line on September 23.

His $50 million for five areas including Hawke’s Bay will get over 5000 trained. That means 87,000 won’t be trained.

Again this is not even a plaster over the problem

Hon. Winston Peters Leader New Zealand First