Wendyl Wants to Know: Eta Kettles Honey Soy Chicken

Opinion 03/07/2017

Eta Kettles Honey Soy Chicken. $2.50 for 150g.

Most of us have probably consumed quite a few packets of chips after a wet weekend dominated by rugby, and I was reminded of what a bore I am about chips when I’m out. “Don’t eat those there’s no real chicken in them!” I instruct before steering friends to my pristine bowl of plain chips: “Just three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt – much better for you.”

I had intended to do a new chip on the market by Eta called Laksa chips because that just seemed a little preposterous to me but I could not find them anywhere – so either they were so popular they sold out or they were so preposterous to others that they didn’t sell and have been removed.

These chips are honey soy chicken flavoured and yes, you guessed it, no chicken meat in there but there is a bit of chicken fat which is a bit yuck.

For those people who followed this column in the newspaper for years I’m changing the style a little. I will list the ingredients under two headings: Good Foods and Additives so that you can clearly see what is going on. And I will also give the food a star rating out of five.

Good Foods:

Potatoes, vegetable oil.


Antioxidant (309)

Flavours [sugar, salt, flavour enhancers (621,627,631),yeast extract, flavour (wheat), dextrose, honey powder, soy sauce powder, herb & spice, chicken fat, onion powder, anticaking agent (551), garlic powder, colours (120, 160b) acidity regulator (330)].

To make chips yourself you would use potatoes, oil and salt. So to make these taste like honey soy chicken there are 19 ingredients. Most of them are quite natural such as honey powder, chicken fat and onion and garlic powder but others such as MSG (621) and her friends disodium glutamate (627) and disodium inosinate (631) are avoided by healthy eaters. The good news is the colours cochineal (120) and annatto (160b) are natural.

My recommendations: 

As usual I’m going to say stick to the red bags – they are the natural potato chips with just potatoes, oil and salt. If you want extra flavour throw a dip on the table, don’t rely on 19 additives to fool you into believing you are actually eating chicken.

Star rating

3 out of 5.