VAUGHN DAVIS: Too Long Didn't Listen

Sunday Social 12/07/2017

TLDL 10 July 2017

Hold onto your selfies, this is the coolest thing on the internet right now

You’re watching a movie online… it’s cleverly scripted, well shot, nicely performed (by the writer, as it happens) and it stars: you.

Well, it stars the contents of your Instagram account. Weirdbox is an online art project created by Noah Levenson. Go the site, enter your Instagram account (or someone else’s, if you’re feeling a bit stalky) and watch. You won’t be disappointed.

And before you get all privacy freaky freaky, Weirdbox doesn’t need your password and works its magic based on what anyone can see on your public Instagram account.

Is she on Tinder? There’s an app for that

And no, it’s not Tinder. A new website called Swipebuster promises to serve up the Tinder profile of any user, based on their name, age, gender and approximate location. The site costs $7 to use, which may well be good value if discovering a cheating partner is your idea of money well spent… I haven’t tried the site, but as my panellist Josie Campbell pointed out, you might want to knock 10 years off the age your searching for, since that’s what most Tinder users do too.

No more PowerPoint embarrassment…

“Death by PowerPoint” takes many forms, but for plenty of users it means their embarrassing private notifications popping up not just on their own computers, but onto the conference room screen they’re presenting on.

One way to tackle this is by being super disciplined and turning off notifications when you present, and making sure your wifi is off. But as everything moves to the cloud, unplugging might not be an option.

Turns out there’s an app to save you – if you’re on a Mac. Muzzle is a simple app that turns off all on-screen notifications whenever you’re sharing the contents of your screen. It’s free to download and worth every cent.