VAUGHN DAVIS: Did Tinder swing the UK election? (short answer: nope)

Sunday Social 12/06/2017


Did Tinder swing the UK election? (Short answer: nope)

It’s an interesting story though. It’s been widely reported that last week’s UK election saw more young people turn out to vote than ever before. For a few of them, their motives might have been less to do with democracy and more to do with the possibility of romance.

It all came down to chatbots – clever computer programmes that UK Labour supporters allowed to take over their Tinder conversations and talk their online suitors into voting left.

While it was only a trial – around 150 users took part – it does raise some interesting ethical questions. If indeed anyone was convinced to change their vote by what they thought was a potential (cough) romantic partner and was in fact a bot, they’ve got a right to feel aggrieved, I reckon. Moral of the story: think twice before swiping right… that foxy individual of your preferred gender might actually be Winston Peters!

He borrows! He scores! The low down on credit scores

Whether you know it or not, if you’re 18 or over there’s a 95% chance that one of our credit rating agencies has a credit score for you. Your score ranges from 0 to 1000 and is basically an assessment of whether you’re good for credit, and for how much. And it’s not just used for dishing out mortgages – credit card providers, power companies and even mobile phone companies all use your credit score when deciding whether or not to sign you up.

Until recently, finding out your credit score was slow, a bit clunky and sometimes cost money. New website gives you your score for free, along with nifty comparisons with other people in your area or even on your street. (It also gives you ads for loans and credit cards too… which is how the site makes money). Have a listen to my chat with Credit Simple’s Hazel Phillips here.

App of the week: Bandsintown

Ever had that experience when you hear about the BEST GIG EVER but not until the morning after it’s been? Not any more! Bandsintown is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you know which bands are playing near you soon, then gives you a link to buy tickets. The bands it displays are based on how far you say you’re willing to travel to a gig, what your friends are going to and your musical preferences – as determined by your Spotify (or other music service) listening history. Download the app here.