MARK SAINSBURY: Why we can all relate to Prince Harry's reluctance to be King


Hold the front page - Prince Harry buys his own meat at the supermarket!

That was one of the explosive revelations about the 5th-in-line to the British throne in an interview with Newsweek. 

But perhaps the most honest revelation was Harry's admission that none of the young Royals really wants to be King or Queen. 

They don't want the job but - and it's a big but - they see it as their duty so would do it regardless.

It's all about expectations and the expectations on the royals are great.   And this got me thinking about expectations on the rest of us.

We may not have to consider a matter as weighty as the throne, but that sense of great expectations can be just as acute.

What about the expectation to take over a family farm that has passed from generation to generation? Or the expectation to follow in your father or mother's footsteps?

Have you felt the pressure of expectation, the pressure to do the right thing when it's the last thing you really want to do?

And when we consider our expectations, do we tailor them to fit?  Do you lower your expectations for some people?

Do you, for instance, have higher expectations for Prime Minister Bill English than for Todd Barclay, backbench MP?

Bill English must now feel that he is in his job by divine right.  How could he otherwise explain the gift of Labour's interns scandal at the precise moment that he was donkey deep in the crap?

Do you have great expectations for Labour this election? Or have you now tempered those with a dose of reality?  

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