WINSTON PETERS: Huge cover-up over Pike River Mine re-entry

There is no doubt that there has been a huge cover up by authorities after the Pike River explosion that killed 29 men, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Winston Peters.

“Newshub has revealed tonight that video footage exists of a robot and two searchers in the Pike River tunnel months after the fatal explosion. That video footage has been kept secret and never been shown to the families of the victims."

"According to Newshub, it belongs to the Police and has been seen by Solid Energy and was ‘used by Solid Energy as part of its extensive investigation into whether the mine was safe to enter’."

"However, this information was apparently not shown to the Pike River Royal Commission of Inquiry, nor presented by Solid Energy, when they appeared before a parliamentary select committee."

“All along the Police and the Government have maintained it was not safe for anyone to enter the tunnel. This evidence proves otherwise."

“Who the searchers were has never been revealed but the Government has allowed a massive cover-up to take place, and all those responsible for that should be brought to account."

“The fact is this evidence proves that it is safe for a search party to go in,” says Mr Peters.