WINSTON PETERS: Bag National - and watch out!


A little-known and recently elevated Associate Minister forgot the party line when he opened his mouth and bragged about taking a heavy hand to groups wanting government funding.

At a National Party do Alfred Ngaro acted the party heavy swinging verbal punches at people he perceived critical of the National government.

Bag us sunshine, then watch out!

Even the much respected Salvation Army were in Mr Ngaro’s dog box.

Those terrible Sallies have been saying too much about homelessness, or to quote him, "running riot" over the issue.

Next Mr Ngaro had a swing at Willie Jackson. Watch it mate; bash us, then you better look out if you want more money for your schools.

Then he had a go at the media. John Campbell was a “manufacturer” of stories about the homeless. All those people living in cars, under bridges, being put up in motels – it’s Campbell “manufacturing” bulldust.

The Prime Minister had to restrain Mr Ngaro. A limp apology went out. Mr Ngaro was put back on his leash.

But Mr Ngaro was only acting in the manner his masters have been doing covertly. The problem is he voiced it.

Bully boy tactics are all part of the National style.

They have government departments and other agencies on edge.

Mr Ngaro might have been naïve, but he exposed what has been a deliberate tactic of National’s – play ball with us, or else!