TLDL: How much is (an hour of) that doggie in the window?

Sunday Social 22/05/2017

How much is (an hour of) that doggie in the window?

They used to say a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas. Not anymore! New kiwi website Doggieshare gives dog lovers who don’t happen to own one the chance to borrow dogs from their owners.

For $8 or so a month, you’ll be connected to dog owners looking for someone to walk, hang out with or even board their pooch overnight. Once you find a match, the rest is up to you – so that could mean nearly-free dog walking or minding!

Of course, you need to hope your dog doesn’t fall in love with their part-time carer… a scenario that reminded me for some reason of the movie Pretty Woman. Have a listen to my chat with Doggieshare founders Monica and Alex here.

Are these the worst paint colour names ever invented?

When a US computer scientist used artificial intelligence to formulate a new range of paint colours, she really shouldn’t have been surprised that most of the shades the computer came up with were variations of beige and grey. After all, those are the colours computers have always been! But the names the computer gave to the colours were a little more funky. Check them out… anyone for Clardic Fug?

Get walking, Auckland!

Walk Auckland is our app of the week. The app gives you a range of audio-guided walking tours that take up to two hours and tell the story of your neighbourhood through a bunch of quite different lenses. The tours themselves are made by enthusiasts, not professionals, so the quality varies. But we loved learning about the engineering behind some of Auckland’s iconic buildings, the scandalous story of Auckland fashion and, of course, which Point Chevalier bungalows Russell Brown has and hasn’t lived in.

Bonus: the app is built on a New Zealand-made platform called My Tours, which lets anyone create their own audio tour app and upload it to the app store. Nice!

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