'TLDL' 15th May 2017: Give till it doesn’t hurt

Sunday Social 15/05/2017

VAUGHN DAVIS: TLDL (Too Long, Didn't Listen) 15th May 2017
Give till it doesn’t hurt: new kiwi platform makes donating easy

We’ve all done it. Seen the nice lady shaking her Daffodil Day tin or the kid collecting for Poppy Day and – this is 2017 after all – had no cash to give.

Donating online is sometimes an option, of course, and so is paying on the spot with mobile EFTPOS. But they have their drawbacks, and often involve fees for the donor, the charity or both.

Wellington bank IT guy (he didn’t let slip whether he was from ANZ, ASB, BNZ or Westpac - but whichever one is lucky to have him, I reckon) Jim Boutcher decided to do something about it. The result is a platform and app called Givahoy. Givahoy allows charity street collectors to register on the app, then when users see a collector they open the app and see a donation option for the collector they’re standing in front of (thanks to fancy but simple “beacon” technology that talks to your phone). You choose an amount, commit to donate, then approve the transaction next time you’re internet banking.

You can listen to our chat here.

Ransomware! And what to do about it

The big computer news at the weekend was a “ransomware” attack on Windows PCs called WannaCry. When a victim clicks on an attachment from an email appearing to come from a friend, the software installs itself on your computer, then displays a screen saying all your files have been encrypted and will only be unlocked if you pay a ransom in online currency Bitcoin.

The good news is that between Microsoft and a UK computer engineer who discovered an “off switch” in the code, the threat has largely passed. But here’s what you can do in general to protect yourself:

·         Always install security updates when Microsoft offers them

·         Develop a nose for dodgy emails – even from your friends. If in doubt, don’t open attachments.

·         Don’t pay the ransom! (Bruce Willis movies taught us that, right?)

·         Report attacks to the new NZ Government Cyber Emergency Response Team at https://www.cert.govt.nz/businesses-and-individuals/report-an-issue/

DIY: there’s an app for that

DIY is a national obsession. Well, it’s probably more true to say that wandering around Bunnings at the weekend is a national obsession. Regular panellist Julian Waters went looking for apps to help out with your next painting / wallpapering / knocking a hole in the load-bearing wall project and found this list of 15. (My favourites are the simple ones like MagicPlan that let you drop dimensions into photos of your rooms – great reference for builders, paint sellers and the like.)


And as promised, here’s the clip of the drone so powerful it can steal your children (or Elon Musk) and drop them from 1000 feet