WINSTON PETERS: English advancing NZ or Australia?

The National government and Prime Minister Bill English are slavish in their adherence to globalism.

When Cadbury’s owners American multinational, Mondelez International, announced this week they were shutting down their Dunedin factory with the loss of 350 jobs, and heading off to Australia, all that Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse, a list MP based in Dunedin, could say was that it was disappointing.


Devastating would have been more accurate.

We saw the same timid response and lack of loyalty and concern from Mr English when Australian-owned Jetstar was handed a lucrative government contract.

The Australian airline will now be flying all of our public servants and government agencies around the country.

Prime Minister English wasn’t worried. He said Jetstar should be given a chance if it saves the taxpayer money.

Where’s the loyalty?

Air New Zealand carries our image and brand around the world and New Zealand taxpayers have a 53 percent stake in the company.

So New Zealand government workers should be seen by the public to be supporting our airline - not an airline from over the ditch which cancels and delays flights at the drop of a hat.

Given Jetstar’s level of service, we can now expect the wheels of our government bureaucracy to run more slowly which will end up costing the New Zealand taxpayer more money.

And how much does Mr English want to gift to the Australians? Nearly all of our banks are Australian owned; Australian companies run and own our main print media; and Australian chains have a large chunk of our retail trade.

Unless we stop this “Advancing Australia Fair” into our country it could well be a case of “God Defend New Zealand.”

Bill English won’t.